50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women
50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women


Home offices are usually not a necessary part of a house. But for people with home-based jobs, they tend to spend all of their time at home. Even people with office jobs, sometimes need to bring home paperwork from the office. It would be ideal with such work arrangements to have their own working space. Hence the need for a home office design that helps you be productive.

For a lot of women, especially ones with children, working at home has become the first and best option. Since a lot of home-based jobs are flexible, these allow working women to take care of their family while also furthering their careers.

If you are one, of course, you wouldn’t want to just work anywhere in the house. Having a home office that is conducive to working is recommended to have. Not only should the room be complete of every furniture needed for work, the room arrangement and design are also important to note.

What do you put in a home office for women?

A home office design for women can be anything that you like! It can be quite extravagant with ornate furnishings or it could be simple and slick.

In many cases what constitutes a home office design for women is the bright and “feminine” colors. These are usually pastels and pinks. Accessories like vases (with or without flowers), mirrors, picture frames, and ornate rugs and cushions are often placed.

How can I make my office look better?

It’s no secret that you would need the right furniture that will effectively make your office clean and efficiently organize your workspace. Having a comprehensive storage solution will minimize or get rid of clutter. Bookshelves and drawers usually do the trick.

Painting the walls, adding accessories and ornate furnishings and personalizing your office will surely make your space look even better.

How do I make my office feel like home?

In a lot of home offices, the addition of couches and coffee tables, and, in some, the addition of a window seat with pillow cushions can add a homey feel. The creation of even a small living space within the office can help with that. Photographs and personalized accessories or mementos will surely create that homey atmosphere.

What are the things I need to consider when designing my home office?

First of all, consider carefully the right place for your home office. Assess the space you need. There should be enough space for you to work comfortably and have a good workflow.

Included in consideration are your office desk and chair and how they will fit into the room. To boot, it is best to have comprehensive storage. All of this will contribute to how you would design and organize your office.

Speaking of organizing your furniture, good lighting and view are critical. Position your desk, especially if you use a computer monitor, such that there is no glare from the natural light outside your window or from an overhead light.

To further inspire yourself, position your desk to face the windows for a natural view instead of just facing empty walls. If your office location is without windows, position your desk to face the door or put up inspirational artwork or pinboard above your desk.

Home Office Design Ideas for Inspiration

There are so many design ideas coming to mind with varying styles, giving a variety of office ambiance. In most, if not all, cases the design is based off on people’s personalities and preferences, ones that will surely help get the best out of you to complete your tasks.

Follow down along to view trendy home office design ideas for women!

Traditional Design

The classic details of rich wood and color palettes fill up these rooms. The ornate furnishings complete a grandiose look to an otherwise simple home office.

Modern in Montvale

Jennifer Pacca Interiors

In contrast to the previous examples above, the color palette of this home office is lighter. The room is even made brighter due to the window seat. Instead of books, the shelving behind the desk is filled with ornamentals. It definitely has a more feminine atmosphere to it.


1603177128_257_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Amato Design Inc.

This previously dining area was transformed into this stylish home office. The two stylish chairs in front of the desk contrasts with black and white motif going around the room. The open shelving and the single cabinet gives an open and spacious feel to the room. This home office even added an ornate mirror, adding to the feminine appeal.

Timeless Treasure Home Office

1603177128_463_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Lilu Interiors

The custom cabinetry above provides much space for the sophisticated desk below. There is even a little room for a dog. It also has a great view to the outside as its desk faces a window.

Almaden Hills Reconstruction

1603177128_674_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Alison Whittaker Design

This room has a lot of natural light coming in with a window to the side. The blinds effective to adjust the intensity of light coming into the room. There’s even a window seat for when one needs to relax.

Kentfield Traditional Elegance

1603177128_605_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

PatriARCH Architecture

The walls and the fitted shelves are painted grey, creating a metallic illusion and visually contrasting the natural wood colors of the floor and office desk. This home office has quite the interesting accessories with that table lamp and geometric chandelier.

Willowick Residence

1603177128_754_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Laura U Interior Design

The color scheme alone is what you would imagine for home office for women. It’s perfectly matched with the furniture and accessories. The flume rug is also quite an attraction.


1603177128_411_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Studio G Interior Design

The sophisticated shelving shines in this home office, giving in to that traditional elegance. There’s a right balance of small potted plants, picture frames, and other accessories that it doesn’t look cluttered or bare.

Belize Condo

1603177128_983_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women


This home office is part of a Neo-Classical condo. The rich details in every wooden furniture (and even the ceiling) emphasizes the sophistication of this home office.

Modern Design

Modern home offices have a warm and inviting atmosphere with neutral and natural colors. There’s a tendency for modern style offices to be minimalist, straying from heavily decorated designs.

Modern Home Office

1603177128_98_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

CCS Architecture

The storage cube with shelves seamlessly connects to the working desks. In this way, the room looks clean and spacious. The light brown color and the wooden materials, plus the windows and the skylight, create a very cozy and warm ambience.

Modern Home Office with Built-In desk + storage

1603177129_455_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Jennifer Gustafson Interior Design

The built-in wooden desk, shelves, and cabinets once again features in this home office. The open shelving, though, is left for display of chosen decors that fit into the style and ambience of the room.

Modern Home | Kimberly Demmy Design

1603177129_548_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Kimberly Demmy Design

The clean white walls, all the natural light, and the plants present make this home office looking quite serene. Not to mention the way the books and magazines are organized on the cabinet, free from clutter, make this a dream home office.

A Home Office

1603177129_108_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Turnstyle Design

With all the furniture present in this room, this home office pretty look busy which contrasts to the more sparse and seemingly spacious home office examples above. But this room is still spacious anyway, high ceiling and that high wall of windows. Besides, there’s a smaller working space in the next room.

Upper East Side – Totally Tailored Urban Oasis

1603177129_515_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Celia Berliner Design, LLC

Another perfect example of a home office where one side of the wall is used to build cabinets and shelves. Meanwhile, the desk is connected but on another part of the wall, particularly one that faces the window. This one doesn’t even strictly look like a home office with the presence of the colorful rug and sofa.

Richmond Hill Home

1603177129_210_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Kathy Daukant Interiors

The peach walls go well with the white cabinets. Notice that instead of laying out files or papers on the shelves, this office uses boxes to sort and store files, making the office look even cleaner and organized. There is even a window seat for when you want to take a short break from work.

Perfectly Suited

1603177129_994_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Lilu Interiors

The designers of this home office decided on the colors and textures to match with the client’s wardrobe and accessories. In this way, the home office doesn’t look like disjointed from the rest of the house’s aesthetics.


1603177129_847_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Creekview Custom Homes

An exquisite painting, the beautiful white rug, and the office desk and chairs capture one’s attention upon seeing this home office. The big windows bring in lots of natural light and a great view while working.

Rustic Design

The emphasis and prevalence of wood, from the floor to the walls to bits of furniture, makes a home office have that rustic and homey design.

Vina’s Tiny House

1603177129_593_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Sol Haus Design

Even a tiny house can make room for a home office. Although it seems a desk was just chucked to one side, it doesn’t look to bad at all and even looks very cozy. All that natural light coming in and the scenery outside will surely inspire anyone to continue working.

Strawberry Park Residence

1603177129_58_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

RMT Architects

Not only does this home office, but this entire residence, follows the romantic yet rustic theme of lodges of the early American west. While the natural materials emphasize the rustic theme, the ornate rug and rich-detailed bring out the romantics.

Wolf Creek Ranch

1603177129_144_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Magleby Construction

From the walls and floor to the desk and shelving, this home office really lives up to the rustic theme. Even the accessories complement the overall aesthetic. The cow print sofa chairs definitely standout in this room.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary home offices keep up with the trends of today and the future. The stark contrasts of blacks and whites are common in a lot of contemporary homes.

Home Office Living Room

1603177129_923_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Nieto Design Group

This office space seamlessly merges with the living room as the custom leather-top desk is actually connected to the back curve of the living room sofa. In this way, the living room has also become your office. Seems like the future of home offices!

Home Office with Crestron Control

1603177129_99_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Olive Audio Visual

The way this home office is nearly all white is reminiscent of sci-fi movies that involves state-of-the-art laboratories. Instead of a strict straight walls, the curved wall adds some geometric appeal to the room to contrast with the edgy furniture.

Family Room

1603177129_798_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Elad Gonen

The black and white color scheme certainly brings out that contemporary style of this home office. A shelf is completed by a display of books and decors. The stainless steel leg of white top desk complementing the room. The interesting cowhide rug adding into the stylish look.


1603177129_725_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Nieto Design Group

This neat and sophisticated home office has a unique set of working desk and geometric furniture all over. It certainly appeals to a contemporary style and is a perfect setting for a space that has a beautiful view of the ocean. That iconic Marilyn Monroe decor doesn’t look out of place either.

Apartment 1202

1603177129_814_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

iStudio architecture

The white desk that is spaced between the cabinets and placed under the boxed shelves is what makes this a sleek and neat home office. It’s quite spacious with the working desk all in one side of the wall. It also helps to have a good view of the cityscape.

533 Leonard 2 Bedroom

1603177130_773_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Bold New York Design

A home office with unconventional furnishing instead of the usual desks and chairs. The chosen furnishing makes the room even more spacious and cleaner. Notice the blue rug by the window brings attention with the out of place color in a predominantly white office.

Angelo Residence

1603177130_910_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Boswell Construction

This painting and framed black-and-white photos of icons add to the contemporary feel of this black and white home office. In addition to the fur rug and the furnishings, this room is very hip and trendy, showing the personality of someone who may work in art and design. Also, this office boasts of an en suite wet bar for a little break.


1603177130_475_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Calvert Design Studio

The scant green accents pop out in these white walls, bringing life into this home office. The open shelving and unique lamp add more variety to an otherwise minimalist yet contemporary office.

Office With a View

1603177130_724_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Meister Construction Ltd

The feminine touches like the round mirror, picture frames, and decor make this an obvious pandering to women. But the highlight of this home office is the fact that the working desk faces the window, getting a perfect view of the outdoor scenery.


1603177130_242_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women


This one has a lot of open spaces which it utilizes in combining the working and living space. A seating area is visible to the side. The unique working desk and swivel chair definitely catches the attention.

Design Project-Market St. Condo Home Office

1603177130_286_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Toronto Condo Staging

For this condo home office, they found a way to retain privacy with the use of a sliding door, separating the office from the rest of the condo. The long mirror, painting, and abstract decor add flavor to this office. Also, pay attention to the unique storage.

Private Residence in Southwest Florida

1603177130_126_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Collins & DuPont Design Group

The way the interior walls were designed spell sophistication. Instead of straight lines, they curved the top desk behind to stray from being boring. Note also the elegant chandelier that matches with the color scheme of the room.

Minimalist Design

Rather than flashy displays and feats of architecture, minimalist home offices like to keep the design strictly for functionality. But it doesn’t mean these offices are bland and boring.

Calm, Cool and Collected in Downtown Toronto

1603177130_321_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Andrew Snow Photography

Calm, cool, and minimalist. It may look like this home office was just shoved into the corner, or in this case under the stairs, it’s still chic and pretty. After all, it has everything needed for an office while not neglecting style.


1603177130_947_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women


The light wooden floor and the white walls give this home office a relaxing aura. Not to mention that all the furniture are made of light-colored wood, adding to that relaxed atmosphere. They are not too big, taking up space, giving a free feeling in the room.

VC Design

1603177130_887_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Chris Snook

This office keeps it simple with that working desk stuck to the wall. It’s interesting to see the lamps mounted on the wall instead of it being on the desk. This would create more space to work around the desk. The room is bare but it’s also interesting to take note of the window seat that is created with cabinetry.

Contemporary Condo

1603177130_379_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

A. Design At Sunninghill Inc.

A home office that merges with the living room. The office side is towards the balcony with a stunning view of the ocean. At first glance, you may mistake the working desk as a slightly bigger floating shelf but it works well enough for its purpose.

The Westfield

1603177130_748_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Homes by Tradition

The working desk and chairs are not even close to being described as flashy. If there are two of you working at home, this is a simple solution to only having one office space. Separating working spaces by an open shelf which both of you can share.

Lake House Retreat

1603177130_649_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Morgante Wilson Architects

A simple working desk that also has compartments to store important documents. The shelves above allow for display of framed photos and art. Also, take notice of the interesting wallpaper that contrasts the white working space.

Yarrow Point Custom Home

1603177130_153_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Dacoda Custom Homes

The simple light grey walls could have looked dull, especially without much decorations and accessories in the room. But this room is livened up by the indoor plants, the interesting painting, and the rug. The sofa chairs perfectly compliment the room.

Maple Valley

1603177130_694_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Alair Homes

The large window makes the room livelier and even more spacious. The furniture are not too flashy but still look very pretty. The animal print rug is definitely eye-catching.

Eclectic Design

On the opposite side of minimalistic design, there lies design that is bold and eclectic. If it’s in your personality and preference to have bombastic colors, decor, and styling, you will like these.

Santa Monica Office

1603177130_634_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

JAC Interiors

None of the furniture in this home office look to be from the same era or style. And yet, it all works together to come up with this eclectic interior. Plus, the colorful wall artwork and the soft, fluffy rug add into that almost bohemian-like style.

Bellmont 1900

1603177130_253_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Stile & Rail, Cabinetry Design and Studio

All the picture frames and decors up in display on the shelves are neatly organized. The bright working desk seem to be a bold contrast to the plain off-white walls and the dark wooden floor. The colorful rug too seems to bring out more life to this office.


1603177130_107_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women


The vintage furnishing on the left plus the vintage clock gives off an old-school, almost fairytale-like look to this home office. The wallpaper, too, which seems to be of a forest, helps create that look. All these things is quite the contrast to the more contemporary working space by the window.

Santa Cruz Haus

1603177130_821_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

The color burst in this home office is definitely eye-catching. The bright pink sofa on top of that colorful rug and deep blue floor is a color combination you wouldn’t expect. Add in the wooden working desk which seems to be out of place. And yet, this is such a hip room.

Vialetto Lot 1

1603177130_865_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Ezra Lee Design+Build

The walls and desks of this office are made from the same wood. This would have given this room a rustic style but the blue green wall in-between makes the room more lively, youthful, and modern. The sign, plants, and cork boards add to that as well.

Beach Street Office

1603177130_982_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Melissa Lenox Design

The bright orange wall on one side contrasts the dull yellow on the other, bringing life into this home office. The working desk perfectly matching with the floating shelves. There is room for some eccentric decorations.

Working Inspiration

1603177130_287_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Beth Diana Smith Interior Design

This home office is one of the most decorated ones on this list. It has various artwork framed and placed on the wall, and some miscellaneous stuff on the floor. This room looks to appeal to women who are into crafts and design.

Homerama 2014

1603177131_463_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Set The Stage

At a glance, this home office looks like it belongs to a designer. With all the crafts on the eye-catching desk organizer and around the room. Behind it is the office desk, caught between the display cabinets.


1603177131_913_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Butter Lutz Interiors, LLC

The cool and bold patterns on this home office are definitely eye-popping. While the green wallpaper matches with the green pillows, the black-and-white zigzag pattern of a rug matches with the working desks.

My Office

1603177131_898_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

The bold choice of colors and patterns found throughout this home office is just very exciting and interesting. There are many textures and elements that bring flavor to this room.

Denise Richards Residence

1603177131_30_50-Trendy-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-for-Women-Home 50 Trendy Home Office Design Ideas for Women

Smith Firestone Associates

Chic and girly with the color combination chosen for this home office. The patterns too are quite bold. It is safe to say that this is the one of the most thrilling home office on this list. But it’s also a design choice for those who are bold enough for such.

If you plan on adding a home office to your house, let this list inspire you to design your own. Perhaps, the examples given above would have already given you an idea of the kind of home office you want. Which one of these inspired you the most?

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